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Comparing Companies

When comparing companies and prices from different companies it is also worth considering who is currently offering the prices. There will always be a difference between companies and sole traders. The level of service they offer will also differ considerably. A sole trader cannot always answer the phone or reply to emails quickly. If they can they are either not very busy with work, which is worth questioning why or they are monitoring their phone on the clients time. Companies with trained office staff will offer a better service but will have more over heads as a result.

Does the company have an electrical registration? If the company offering their services does not have an electrical registration how much do they know about electrical reports? From experience companies without an electrical registration are good at organising the requested works and will use a series of sub-contractors to complete the electrical & Gas Safety inspection.

Gas Safe Inspections & Gas appliances services

With updating and changing regulations it is important to know what the legal requirements are when renting a home. Below is a guide to the legal responsibilities of landlords in the private rental sector. Although the information provided is correct at the time of writing, you must also use other sources to validate your legal requirements.

Gas Certificate London and maintenance can only be carried out by qualified and registered Gas-safe engineers who work as sole traders or for a company. Before gas work or inspections take place, it is important that the engineer verifies his Gas Safe registration by showing you his / her Gas Safe identification. If you have doubts about the Gas Safe registration engineers, you can verify his registration with that company.

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Landlords are required to ensure that:

  • Gas fittings, gas appliances and flues are kept in a safe condition for use and are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or recommended 12 monthly intervals.
  • Annual gas safety checks have been completed for all gas appliances and smoke ducts.
  • Keep a register of gas-safe inspections until 2 more inspections have taken place.
  • Provide tenants with a copy of the latest gas-safe inspection within 28 days of the inspection.

The engineer performs a series of tests during the Gas Safe inspection. This includes:

  • A check for possible damage to the gas meter, gas appliances and accessible pipework. Any visual defects occur prior to the physical inspection.
  • Visual inspection of the gas meter, gas appliances and accessible pipework.
  • A visual risk assessment of the gas meter, gas appliances and accessible pipework.
  • Operational tests and controls to ensure compliance with gas safety regulations (installation and use) and all other relevant standards.

The inspector only inspects easily accessible gas installations and equipment. He / she will not damage or dismantle parts of the installation or equipment, unless this has been confirmed and arranged in writing prior to the completion of the work.

If / as an error, defect or violation of the regulations is detected, a gas warning is issued and the required repair work is explained. In cases where there is an immediate danger and repair work cannot be completed at the time of the inspection, the gas appliance or the malfunction is protected by isolating the main gas supply with your permission until the required repair work can take place.

After completion of a satisfactory gas-safe inspection and any required repair work, a gas safety certificate will be issued. Once issued, the next inspection is required after another 12 months, based on the installation that remains in full working condition with no visible defects.

Failure to maintain gas appliances on gas appliances can lead to death, possible prosecution, fines and imprisonment. Follow the links below for more information about gas safety inspections and the HSE guidelines for landlords.

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