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Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives
Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

Today, high-quality Damascus steel knives are the main competitors of the usual ceramic models. Damascus kitchen knives are sharp and durable. The most common models of this type are Samura (Samura) and Tojiro (Tojiro) companies. These knives from Damascus have a special mysterious embossing on the metal and the original handle. This product is in great demand not only among experienced chefs but also among novice cooks.


Work environment Damascus knives are equipped with handles made of different metals. Rubber handle blades that do not slip through wet palms when cooking are ideal for permanent use in everyday life. The distinctive, unobtrusive shape, sharp blade, and long service life make Damascus steel knives indispensable for everyday use.

Probably. Damascus products are considered one of the most sustainable products. This takes into account not only the effect on the blade but also the absence of deformation during bending.

Wear resistance. With accurate sharpening methods and proper storage, the Damascus blade can run in the kitchen for more than 10 years. At the same time, they will be much sharper in the long run, as high-quality Damascus steel knives rarely lose their original features and beautiful appearance.


Protection Damascus knives have a special anti-corrosion coating. Therefore, with repeated use in high humidity conditions, rust spots do not form on them. However, it is important to keep in mind that Damascus steel oxidizes as a result of interactions with certain substances. Also, using classic cutting boards can make them look dull.


According to the place of production

  • Japanese or Tento. These are high-quality Damascus products, made of carbon steel with many layers of bad iron. The best Damascus steel Japanese kitchen knives can have 32 layers per blade.
  • Ruby has a simple one-piece blade design with a handle but varies in the scope of use. Ruby knives are homely and decorative when the handle is complete with silver inserts. In most cases, the handle is made of leather, birch, and deer antlers. A sapphire knife can work on wood or butcher’s meat.
  • Universal model with Uzbek (peak) wedge-shaped example. It is used for domestic purposes and as a weapon. Such products do not need to be accelerated.

On appointment

  • Gifts and presents.
  • Shredder and household (primarily kitchen)
  • For manual carpentry work.
  • Use as a weapon of riot.

Storage facilities

Damascus knives must be kept clean. It is better to store such products in a special wrapper, dry box. If Damascus steel is exposed to high humidity, it is best to periodically lubricate its blades with oil or ordinary petroleum jelly. If corrosive paint appears, you can use a stiff rubber band or fine sandpaper. With all this, it is better not to use Damascus iron as an “opener” in the kitchen.

An alternative option for storing Damascus steel knives in the kitchen is the brush holder. This is the best and most versatile option for holding steel and ceramic knives, leaving little space on the table. These beaches are easy to maintain and very clean. Also, for those who do not have much space in the kitchen, we can recommend a magnetic stand. In addition, a set of Damascus wings can be placed directly on the wall in hand for various cooking purposes.


The special features of the Damascus knife edge determine the protection of the initial sharpness of the blade during the entire work process. This means that with proper care, it is not necessary to accelerate such products.

If you still want to sharpen a knife made of Damascus steel, you must first study the degree of hardness of the material. With improper sharpening, you can harden a smooth layer of steel, and the product will no longer be sharp. The Damascus knife sharpener should be removed from you at the end of the blade. 

The transverse acceleration method is not used to avoid bending the edges. When sharpening, it is important to follow the order of the abrasive: first, a rough stone is used, then a fine stone. For the final processing of the knife, hard abrasive material with the smallest possible number of elements must be used. The finer the grain, the softer and more attractive the knife will be.

If you do not want to sharpen the Damascus knife manually, you can use a simple tool – an electric diamond sharpener. This tool carefully maintains the sharp blades of Damascus and removes slack in time.

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