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What is super cooling?

In general, Pakistan refers to the cooling of your home at a time of day that is known to maintain low temperatures for the rest of the day. This helps to minimize the workload for your air conditioning system. It cools air in the easiest possible way and when it is the cheapest to do this.General DC inverter price in Lahore is lowest as compared to other Companies.

The super cooling advantage

With Supercooling you can manage your power consumption and the resulting bills. It helps to save money that is spent on energy bills. Subcooling helps reduce your energy consumption by 25% to 33% compared to other times. This is a significant percentage, especially in the summer when the costs for air conditioning are highest.

How you can supercool your home

First buy your usage time plan from your utility. Discover the different tariff plans. The plan specifies cheaper rates for electricity at specific hours of the day and higher rates at other times.
Once the plan is activated and active, set the temperature of your thermostat to as low as you can between 68 and 74 degrees. This must be done during off-peak hours with regard to your plan. It gets pretty fresh, so knit the sweaters and blankets. A programmable thermostat will relieve the stress of constantly resetting the thermostat.
Move the thermostat back between 80-90 degrees during peak hours. Because you have already supercooled your house, you will not become uncomfortably warm. Set the pool pump to work even during off-peak hours. A timer on your devices such as the boiler helps you to operate the devices only during off-peak hours. Another option is to purchase a power management computer that divides your demand and limits your peak load.
Log in to your energy consumption account with APS to, for example, check your peak and off-peak usage, as data is often updated.

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In short, hypothermia keeps the comfort of your living space intact and helps you save more on energy costs.

Why choose General Pakistani air conditioning and heating?

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Does air conditioning remove the humidity?

Anyone who has spent time in a hot and stuffy climate knows that exposure to the hot weather is one thing, but having hot and humid air is even worse. Hot and humid air can make it difficult to breathe. It also has the terrible effect of intensifying the heat that we feel. This is because the warm moisture in the air sticks to our skin and penetrates our lungs, making our sweat less likely to evaporate. When warm air is dry, it can just pass us with less effect on our body temperature. But humidity provides a “sticky” type of heat that is so much more unpleasant.

Will the humidity be removed from the air?

The simple answer to this question is, yes, an air conditioner will remove moisture from the air. That is why we call your AC unit an ‘air conditioner’ and not just an air blower. If your AC did not remove moisture from the air, it would simply be a large fan that is channeled through your home.

How it works

Your AC unit removes moisture and heat from the air using a condenser coil or series of condensates. This device takes advantage of the tendency of moisture to be sucked out of the air onto surfaces that are cooler than the surrounding atmosphere.
When moisture is extracted from the air, it takes the ambient heat with it. That’s why we feel much cooler when a breeze hits our skin when we sweat. The air that moves over the moisture draws the heat away very quickly.
Swamp coolers are popular in very hot and dry climates. These actually add moisture to the air. However, in most areas where heat is a nuisance, moisture removal is preferred.
Air conditioners have been able to remove moisture from the air for decades. But modern AC units can control the amount of moisture they extract from the air. These advanced systems feel moisture and react according to your favorite climate settings. You can adjust the humidity setting to the season, climate and your preference.

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