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Dress babies – it’s easy

Most of the time, women practiced it on a doll, for men it is often a book with seven seals: How does the baby get into clothes? Knowing how is the motto here. If there is enough practice, dressing is also a child’s play for dad.

Dressing newborns and infants are not just about how what is crucial. The small bodies react differently to environmental stimuli than adults or larger children; after all, clothing must also be comfortable. After all, the topic of pollutants is also an important aspect. Babies should at least only wear natural fibers on their skin, preferably in organic quality, because they do not yet have an effective protective barrier.

The most important basics about baby clothes at a glance

In order for your baby to be well dressed, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Adapt the clothing to external conditions. Only newborns need a hat in the apartment, otherwise, depending on the temperature, a diaper, body, romper, and shirt are sufficient.
  • The little ones also feel comfortable in the pucksack. The baby’s legs in the sack should remain bare. So it can feel itself.
  • Baby clothes have to be practical and easy to put on and take off.
  • The smaller a baby, the warmer it needs to be dressed, as the ability to regulate temperature is only gradually developing.
  • Clothing must fit and may also be a little too big, but never too tight or too small.
  • If you choose the onion principle for outdoors, you can take the child off or put it on as needed.

Basically, it is better for your baby to freeze a little than to overheat. If it gets too cold for your child, you will notice this by restlessness or shouting. An overheated baby may simply fall asleep and you may not even notice that heat is building up. The most reliable way to determine whether your child is sweating is on the neck. The skin should be warm and dry. If your baby feels cold, hot or sweaty, you need to adjust the clothes accordingly.

The fine art of dressing

New fathers know this as well as old hands: they stand at the changing table, a tiny body in their hands and have no idea how to bring the tiny child into the garment. With the following instructions, the first steps will be easier and you will quickly find yourself in a relaxed tightening routine:

  • Before you take your child off to change their diapers, put your clothes on beforehand.
  • Take off his clothes and be especially careful around the head and neck area. Open all buttons and widen cutouts as much as possible.
  • To put it on, put your child on his back, then put the (widened) neckline over baby’s face. Then gently lift it at the back of the head and pull the sweater over your head.
  • Make sure that your baby has little contact with the fabric, this is more comfortable for the child and saves you from screaming protests.
  • Roll up the sleeves and reach into the opening to grab and pull the baby’s hand. Then roll the sleeves along the baby arm again.
  • It’s easier with the pants. Pull the pants over baby’s legs and then lift his butt up with one hand. Then you can pull the pants up.
  • Ankle socks are also pre-stretched, rolled up and gently rolled over baby’s foot and lower leg.
  • For the jacket, it’s best to put your child on it. Then you first slide one sleeve over your arm, then roll or lift the child slightly to the side and can thread the other arm.
  • There is often a protest when the hat is put on. Nevertheless – what must be, must be. For hats that are tied on the chin, make sure that the band is not too tight and that your baby’s air is blocked.

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