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You start a software company?

I want to clarify that this is not one of these warning messages to scare anyone, but simply a compilation of fierce battles and the lessons I learned as a founder for the first time to a software company. But I can give you a big board from the start that could save you time: you will need to develop a “why” and a passion beyond simply making money. Not having one is usually one of the fastest ways to fail. You simply come across too many roadblocks to continue and just end up leaving. If you have the idea and passion, learn from those lessons and do not let anything hinder you. I had created and launched several smaller programs that have taught me some important lessons. I will discuss below, but the lessons I learned as a true founder of amplified those errors. The size of the project, its impact on the activities of our clients and the global investment accounted for about 10 times all on which I had worked, and with that, the problems too. You may be even learn these lessons when you learn how to start a software company, but at least take note here, as it may save your sanity and your business when it comes time to start your own Software Development in New York, USA.

Software development is a long game (5-7 years), involve everyone

There will always be outliers stories of companies created to sell that are returned and sold to a 10x performance. They are the exception, not the rule. In fact we should probably consider these negative levels in our public. They create the mentality of short-term thinking, creating a hyper growth for growth and inflated assessments for financing and acquisitions.

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Many of our early missteps can be attributed to a rush of anxiety to build a software product to millions of customers on board, to develop new ideas to build an office “fun” and hire new employees cargoes, we all wanted to be done yesterday. Acted as if there was a rush to achieve these objectives and that once we’d “arrived”, the real work would begin. The problem is that it is usually the first days laid the true foundations of your business: culture, architecture, and marketing features. By having a short-term mentality, you prepare to fail early. You limit the possibilities of what it takes to learn more about your market, the people you are serving and the lasting impact you want to have. A critical strategic thinking from the beginning, in the long term, will be essential for you as the first founder of a software start-up. But as it requires a little work, you might be tempted to skip this step and move on to the last validation, beyond the MVP, past failures, beyond the slow ramp of the death of beyond this cold, cold winter, and go to the durability and scale stages. Please do not ignore these important steps. The reward for your efforts will come and it will be worth it if you’re patient and focused. This is especially true during development. You will have times when things just take time to be highlighted. These moments are testing your patience and challenge your mental health. Look for other things you can do during this period, including communicating with your potential clients and learn more about them. Not only should the idea of the software work for them, but really learning about their pain, their problems and how to solve them.

Remember that no one wants more software. They just want better solutions to their problems.

Meanwhile, focus your attention on structured work segments. The fastest way to fail in starting your software is burnout. This is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Balance your life with time for fitness, eat well, and maintain relationships with friends and family, entertainment for your mind and give you time away from the business. I’m not saying break. I speak to remain focused on a specific period of work and make a deep and dedicated work during these periods. When you are out, stay focused on it (it will be difficult. Believe me, you always want to think about the business). The clarity will come as you move farther internals (you know, the whole analogy of the “forest trees”).

My co-founder and I were faced with bouts of burnout (it sucks) of this type of short-term stress, and each has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. Worse, they have made us lose precious time in our business and our lives.

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