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Personal treatment plan: step by step to the perfect smile

Is a visit to the dentist a normal procedure or do you decide on it only if necessary, for example, the appearance of acute pain? In the second case, you are most likely afraid of treatment (we talked about how to get rid of this phobia ) or simply did not think about the fact that teeth should be given more time. After all, their excellent condition is not only a beautiful smile, but also comfort, and most importantly – maintaining health.

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You can, of course, carry out an effective procedure for acute pain: modern technologies can almost always save a tooth. But it is much more profitable to undergo a complete treatment program and eliminate all possible defects, and then only maintain the achieved result.

Dentistry Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan – Your Way to Dental Health

What is a personal treatment plan?

During the consultation, the dentist draws up a detailed list of actions to eliminate all the shortcomings of your teeth, it may include:

First of all, a survey to identify all hidden problems.

  • Professional dental hygiene.
  • Caries treatment.
  • If necessary, treat gum disease.
  • Prosthetics, if required (the method of prosthetics in this case is selected individually).
  • Correction of the bite (in some cases, it is required before prosthetics; it is possible to use braces or removable plates).
  • Aesthetic procedures (whitening, restoration).

A personal treatment plan will help you navigate in which order to go through all the procedures. The curator will calculate the full cost for you and, if necessary, help you choose the best payment method by installments.


No need to be afraid of treatment!

Why such a set of procedures and in that order?

With one-time visits, the doctor can fix only acute problems. In order to completely tidy your oral cavity, to save you from external imperfections in your teeth, a phased work in a certain order is required. For example, occupational hygiene is necessary for everyone who has not spent it for more than 6-12 months, so you need to start with it. What will be the further procedures – depends on the results of the examination and examination.

Why are braces needed if there are no aesthetic problems?

Bite problems are not always visible from the side. The teeth may be visually straight, but not close properly. As a result, during prosthetics, it may turn out that the implantologist simply cannot find the right place and angle of implant placement. Indeed, for its complete engraftment, it is necessary that the teeth when chewing close correctly, symmetrically.

The implantologist must ensure a long service life of the prosthesis (more than 50 years!), So he cannot perform the installation if the bite is incorrect. That is why in some cases, people who have never thought about braces, wear them in preparation for implantation. The whole truth about first person braces! Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment

Why is bleaching necessary?

Yellowish teeth can be strong and healthy. Do they need whitening? This is an aesthetic procedure, the task of which is to create a beautiful smile and give a person confidence.

Whitening ZOOM 4

Whitening is not necessary, but beautiful. Naturally white, even, strong teeth look beautiful and show a high level of human culture, his ability to take care of himself. A snow-white smile is always associated with health and success. This is the meaning of aesthetic procedures. For example, if the teeth have single injuries, chips or defects in the shape, restoration will help – a simple and quick procedure for installing an aesthetic filling on the visible surface of the tooth, which will completely hide the defect. The seal will not be noticeable, since its color and even texture completely imitate the enamel.

How to save?

Our curator, having calculated for you the full cost of treatment, will offer a convenient payment schedule by installments (we do not charge interest). You can also download our application and, accumulating bonus points, pay part of the cost with them. Our Clinic offers you a simple and transparent plan to create the perfect smile: healthy and beautiful. Still have questions or want to make an appointment?

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