Candy has always been a popular snack. Throughout history, there are many different types of candy that have been made. As a result, personalized candy boxes have become the best way to distinguish your product and business from the rest. By creating your packaging, you are sure that nobody else has your packaging! That packaging will be unique for your company, contributing to brand recognition. Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose us for your personalized printed candy boxes.

Unlimited customizations for your personalized candy boxes

The first step towards creating your dream candy container is to change simple things. Changes to font, size, shape, color scheme and printing can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Remember, your packaging job is to attract your customers. Consequently, creating an eye-catching box should be high on your list! Let’s say you’re looking for boxes of Christmas candy. Using large fonts or a Christmas color scheme (red, white and green) can help customers identify your packaging immediately for what it is. You could even print a Christmas tree on your personalized candy boxes! Or maybe you are looking for personalized candy boxes with inserts? If that’s not enough, we also make changes to the size or shape of your candy boxes. Wouldn’t your eye go directly to the gable-shaped box in a row full of rectangular packaging? We make almost any size or shape for your personalized candy packaging. Are you looking for 2-piece candy boxes? Well, you are in the right place!

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Unlimited advanced customizations on all custom candy boxes

If these weren’t enough for you, we have a lot of advanced settings you can take advantage of. Our advanced customizations include upholstery, add-ons, and modifications to the structure and material. Have you ever come across a box and heard that it didn’t seem complete? Well, its coating layer is probably missing. It may not seem so important, but the coating can really change the way your candy packaging or custom printed candy boxes are viewed. Here we provide spot, glossy and matte UV coating for your custom printed candy boxes.

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Plus, you can add add-ons to give your packaging the extra functionality that others don’t. Add ribbons, bows or laces to improve the aesthetics of your personalized candy boxes. Or even add a handle to facilitate the transport of your customers! The same you can do for your custom printed chocolate boxes as we also provide customizations for them. In addition, you can make changes to the packaging material. Are you looking for cardboard boxes instead? Use card stock as packaging material to make paper materials. Or are you looking for clear candy boxes? Let us know and we will find out which material works best for you! Our other material options include bux cardboard, corrugated e-flute and environmentally friendly Kraft. Finally, changes can be made to the inherited structure of the package.


The experience of opening personalized candy boxes is an unmatched experience. Nowadays, these types of experiences are no longer private. Social media have created a company that constantly publishes things on their news feed. This, although it has its problems, has created a business opportunity for businesses. Interesting packaging is published by customers. The more interesting your personalized candy packaging, the more likely it will be published. And this doesn’t just apply to your direct customers! People who don’t even buy certain products will post an interesting box if they see one. This form of free promotion cannot be overlooked by businesses and is certainly not overlooked by us.

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