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8 Tips to implement an ITIL certification

If you have already taken your exam to obtain your ITIL certification and you are thinking about how to put it into practice in your workplace, the following will interest you. And it doesn’t matter if you have an older one, these tips will also help you:

Don’t see ITIL certification as the end of the journey

This certification will be of little value if you don’t proactively use the new knowledge. For example, most employers will downplay any skills that cannot be used on the job. So you should look for opportunities to take advantage of this knowledge, whether in your position or throughout the IT organization. It is best to do this before taking the test.

Start with why

Ideally, you should have previously agreed the reason for the ITIL certification with the manager. If not, we return to the first point: how can this knowledge help the organization?

ITIL certification

Define why in terms of business value

Managers use some models to improve the ROI value of training. As mentioned above, this must be seen from the beginning.

ITIL certification

Do your research before you jump

While studying, it is very common to get carried away by a typical ITIL adoption mistake: thinking that it is just a set of good practices and processes, rather than a way to improve IT service delivery and support, with a focus in the quality of services and in the creation of value for the business.

Don’t throw away your study materials

It will be impossible to recall everything you learned about ITIL, not to mention that some of the things you do remember might be wrong. Hence the importance of keeping all the material, in case you have to read it again.

ITIL certification

Don’t follow the training order to the letter

ITIL certifications tend to follow an order. This usually starts with incident management , then problem management , then change management, etc.

This may be helpful for your organization, but it may also not be. Therefore, it is best to seek to apply what has been learned taking into account the possible positive impact, and not in a systematic or robotic way.

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