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The best color in the Pakistani kurta that suits you best

The colors change according to the trends of each season. But we also have favorite colors in Pakistani kurta, those that we love just because or because we are more favored. But do you know which are the colors that most favor you according to your skin, hair, eyes or features? Whether you are the bride or if you are a guest there are certain rules that you should know to know what color makeup or colors for the dress you feel better.

The different shades can give different effects to our image, they can give us luminosity to the face or on the contrary, we can see ourselves more subdued and lackluster. That is why it is very important to choose the color when going to an important event. According to the basic criteria of an image consultant, to know which are the colors that best go with your skin tone, eyes and hair there is the famous theory of the seasons. Each person can be classified in spring, summer, autumn or winter depending on their traits. Here are some tips for you to know what colors you prefer more when choosing dress.

If your hair is blond or light brown in golden tones. Your skin is light or beige or pinkish and you have light eyes, honey or amber; you are like spring. The colors that suit you are the pastel shades, light and soft colors such as pistachio green, light yellow, salmon, turquoise, golden, pink, lilac, etc.

If instead you have light brown hair, blond ash or blond platinum; your skin is in shades of ivory, clear and pinkish and you have gray eyes, very clear, aquamarine, honey, then you are like summer and the tones that are best for you are purple, beige, silver, mauve, klein blue, powdered pink, mint green … among others.

On the contrary, if your hair is darker like a chestnut, tan or reddish, you have a skin tone that pulls more to cinnamon, cream or brunette and freckles, your eyes are brown, dark blue almost gray or green, you are the color of autumn . To take advantage of nothing better than earth tones, oranges, mustards, coral, terracotta, gold, olive green, chocolate, etc.

For casual wear, customers need something very light and comfortable to wear. As for the lawn, women generally prefer to pick up the ladies kurti for everyday use. These come in a variety of colors. Moreover, you can get prints such as floral and geometric patterns in pastel tones and bold krosskulture. They are also reasonably priced for the customer to purchase a variety of everyday use. Each brand has different lawn themes, unique and attractive at a time.

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