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How to Dispose Of Kitchen Knives Safely?

There will come a time when you simply have to get rid of old knives, even the best kitchen knives won’t last forever if you’re not taking care of them properly and loved.

One of the problems you’ll face getting rid of your old kitchen knives is where and how you can safely dispose of those knives. The last thing you want is your old knives in the hands of kids or worse cutting someone. So knowing how to safely throw those kitchen knives is a must.

But wait a minute, do you really need to throw away those old kitchen knives? There may be another solution, keep reading to find out how to get rid of old knives, as well as some other useful tips on what to do with old Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives.

Throwing kitchen knives or giving them a new life?

Get Rid of Old Knives: it’s a sad day when you have to get rid of old kitchen knives, pull yourself, grab a handkerchief dry those eyes and make sure we throw that old kitchen knife safely.

Every time you throw old knives, the number one thing you have to do is make sure the real blade is wrapped with something. Ideally, a piece of cardboard stuck around the sheet is sufficient. If you don’t have any cardboard an old cloth, bubble wrap or a lot of old newspaper stuck around the knife blade will do the trick.

Once your blade is wrapped and glued, then you can safely dispose of your knife in the trash can with the peace of mind that you won’t hurt or hurt anyone.

You see you want it hard, don’t you?

Recycling Old Knives:

Wait a minute, do you really need to throw that old knife? Why not leave the knife at your local recycling center. Just follow the steps above to make sure your knife is not going to cut anyone and it’s also a good idea to write on the wrapped knife that the contents are sharp. Just leave it where it can be recycled, if you’re not sure where your local recycling center is, contact your state’s Department of Environmental Quality/Department of Environmental Protection.

Donate Those Old Kitchen Knives:

Even if you think your old kitchen knives are ready for an early grave, others might find they can use them from those old unwanted knives. Before you run to your local thrift store make sure to give your knives a good clean in hot soapy water and it would also be wise to wrap them safely, the last thing you want is to be arrested by the police for carrying an 8- chef’s knife by its local high street.

One of the advantages of donating your old kitchen knives is that you may be able to claim a tax cancellation. Ask the thrift store owner to give you an approximate value of your donation to use as a tax cancellation.

Ask yourself before disposing of the kitchen knife, ask yourself if it can be stored. Does it just need to be professionally sharpened? Could those rust stains on the leaf be removed? Can you replace the knife handle? At the end of the day, if it can’t be saved, you’ll have to get him out of his misery.

Safely disposing of kitchen knives isn’t that hard, before you decide to throw away your kitchen knife always look first at recycling and donating options. It’s always best to reuse an item instead of just throwing it away where it will end up filling the growing garbage sites.

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