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Quran Translation Online Classes

Quran Translation Online Classes

The revelation of the Quran was not immediate. It was a gradual process that took about 23 years.

Muslims believe that the Holy Quran was revealed by Angel Gabriel. The language of the Holy Quran is Arabic. The Holy Quran is easy to recite, but this is not understandable for everyone.

Why cannot everyone understand it because not everyone is familiar with the Arabic language, which is called the original text of the Holy Quran.

Language Of The Quran Text

The confession to the Holy Quran was written in Arabic. The Holy Quran is not only for Muslims but also for all people. Certainly, not everyone can understand it in his original Arabic text.

So for those who want to understand the writing of the ISLAM. It is obligatory for them to learn the Arabic language or to read the translation of the Holy Quran.

This is the 21st century when non-Muslims want to know more about Islam. What to do?

Non-Muslims need a Quran translation as well as Holy Quran teachers.

In times of technology, when technology has advanced and has transformed the world into a global village, our academy is working with the improved technology. We have competent teachers. But in these day, Who will serve you based on your time management? Who can benefit from the Quran translation?

The Holy Quran is not to specific but it to all people. Those who are reluctant to pay attention to the knowledge of the Holy Quran, if they speak the Arabic language, can easily understand the Holy Quran.

Those who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language, however, must acquire knowledge of the Arabic language or read Quranic translations in which the learner has sufficient knowledge.

Quran Translations questions

According to Islamic theology, the translation of the HOLY BOOK may not has always been a difficult subject. It’s because Muslims consider the Holy Quran wonderful.

They say as an argument that the Holy Quranic text should not be separated from its original text into another language without original Arabic text.

ISLAMIC THEOLOGY says revelation of the QURAN especially in Arabic, so it should be recited in ARABIC. The interpretation of the Holy Quran in various languages ​​is undoubtedly the task of man. Quranic translations are no easy task.

According to some Arabic native speakers, some Holy Quran passages are difficult to understand, even in the real Arabic script. This is in relation to the language that a single word has a different meaning.

The same case is that in the Arabic language, a single word has different meanings. Translations always involve human intelligence.

  • Make reliance in Qiyas

  • A small extension of the scope of Ijma

  • Further develop the teaching of Exploitation

  • Namaz or Salah

  • Namaz or Salat

  • Soam or Fasting

  • Zakat

  • Hajj or pilgrimage to Makkah


Translating helps people to understand the Holy Quran

Does translation help people understand the Holy Quran? Then the answer is yes, translation is the source to understand the Holy Quran. There are several people around the world whose mother tongue is different.

If there is a non-Muslim who wants to study the Holy Quran, but he can not recite and understand the HOLY QURAN, then this is certainly necessary for him to study the Qur’an with translation.

The translation may be in English or any other language in which he can understand the Holy Quran. To spread the message of ALLAH, the translation plays a remarkable role.

Online Quran Translation Institute

Those people who have trouble understanding the Holy Quran. Now it is no longer a problem for her to study the Holy Quran.

We offer special Online Quran Academy in which we have Quran translation courses for you. Come and join us, we will educate you in a better way. We have male and female teachers for your convenience.

The Holy Quran has been translated into many languages

Now the Holy Quran has been translated into many languages. Selected Holy Quran verses have been translated into more than 100 languages. The complete translation of the Holy Quran is available more twenties languages. In Pakistan, we provide Online Quran Teaching on Skype to educate you.

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