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Pocket Knife or Fixed Knife a Knife for Every Need!

Pocket knife or fixed knife? These are generally the two types of blades. Many knives have taken over the name of the person or company that made them. For example, a “Damascus Knife” has been around for many, many years and is known for its name and general characteristics. Knife makers give these knives different names, but they are not much more than semantics. Knives with a certain name, such as the “Damascus” knife, are also recognized by what they are used for. An example would be a hunting knife, a fishing knife or a tactical knife.

Pocket Knife

Folding knives are often stored in bags and are often marked as such. They are available in many different styles and often contain multiple sheets for different purposes. They are great tactical knives a knife for everything. They are usually legal to wear as long as the leaves are quite small about two centimeters in most places. They are safer and more convenient than the fixed blades. Pocket Knives have a pivot point and usually have a locking mechanism, so that the knife can only be closed in the handle when it is unlocked.

Folding knives are by nature, by design, not as strong as knives with fixed knives. They are a general tool for general purposes and are often used for camping and hunting. They tend to be more compact and lighter, making them easy to carry and hide. The “alternating knife” is a knife with a spring action, a knife with a snap knife or another knife that looks like a pocket knife. They usually have a knife two or more centimeters long that can be automatically released by pressing a button, pressing the handle or any other mechanical action or device. A pocket knife without any form of “automatic release” would therefore not be considered as a “Damascus knife”.

The butterfly knife, also known as gravity knife, is usually illegal. They are designed to be deployed quickly with a circular motion of the wrist, creating a chopping action. It is a folding knife that has two handles that rotate around its tongs. They are opened by centrifugal force. Both the switch blade and the butterfly knife have a bad or threatening reputation because of their cutting action.

Fixed Blade

Hunting knives were the very first knives and are the most popular of the type with fixed knives. They probably have the most recognizable shapes in the cutlery industry. Hunting knives are used for cutting, cutting, intestines, piercing, skin-game, field clothing, dressing, cape, trimming, managing, cleaning the game, de-bone and generally processing game animals. There may not be one particular hunting knife that can perform all hunting jobs, but there are a few that are much better than others.

Types of Knives

Hunting Knives

Hunting knives often have intricately carved and decorated handles made from a variety of materials from all over the world. These include exotic wood, bones, horns, rubber, and many other durable materials. Hunting knives are often held in a sheath close to the hunter’s waist, although some sheaths attach to the back, leg, chest or arms, depending on the hunter’s preference. Fixed blade hunting knives generally have no moving parts, which mean that you will not spend time in the field tensioning screws or adjusting springs.

Tactical Knives

A tactical, self-defense or combat knife is usually designed for accessibility and durability. It must be a versatile tool and designed to withstand the rigors of special operations. After all, it may be necessary to cycle dinner, cut firewood, cut the skin of an aircraft fuselage, or break the glass of a helicopter. It must withstand the most extreme environments. In short, it can be the last line of defense. A tactical knife is usually a fixed knife with full forceps, but not all a fixed knife. Hunting knives and tactical knives are also often used interchangeably. Many of the same needs and functions exist for both the hunter and the hunted.

Cutlery Knives

Cutlery knives are used in the preparation of food and can be made from many different materials. Most of the cutlery used today is produced in large quantities by large companies. Product lines and options have been simplified and standardized and in many cases the quality of the knife has disappeared. I generalize. There are those who still make high-quality cutlery and there are knife makers who are still proud of this type of knife. A good cook lives with his knife block. They are a big part of his profession. A large carving knife has a sense of balance. A butcher knife is designed to work with a cutting board. It has a straight back that is sharpened and the curved part does not. The butcher can cut and dice without shifting his weight. There are many other types of knives that are related to food preparation.

Blade Geometry

Blade geometry is very important for a good knife maker, but the steel type that he chooses is even more critical. The handle usually has built-in, comfortable finger grips and can have a pocket / belt clip for easy access. They can also include a key cord that helps keep the blade close and handy.

Fixed blades do not fold. They have full forceps or stick forceps that make them extremely sturdy and safe. Fixed blades are generally more robust and larger in general, which contributes to blade safety and strength. This strength makes them the ideal knife for outdoor use. They almost always come with a sleeve to protect the knife and to safely carry the knife. In fact, they are known as “Damascus blades”. Fixed knives do not have to be oiled like folding knives and do not have to be cleaned regularly.

Whether it is a Pocket Knife or a fixed knife, whatever your need is, a good measuring knife might be the answer.

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