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Is AWS Training necessary for doing an AWS job?

The AWS Course is not necessary but having a certification will add value to your resume. If you’re already an AWS professional you will be well aware of the AWS technologies. It will be beneficial for you to have a certification in order to get promoted. AWS certification is not only for beginners but professionals can also benefit from it.

I will list out some advantages of having an AWS Training:

Credibility: Having a certification will not only increase your knowledge about the services but also increase your credibility. Acquiring credentials will open more doors of opportunities for you.

Help you get a job:

If you’re a professional or a fresher the tag as “AWS Certified” will fetch you a lot of job opportunities in AWS-related projects.

Higher Pay:

The AWS solutions architect certification does not guarantee a higher pay but AWS is the highest paying certifications list in the US.

Improves skills:

Having an AWS certification helps you to improve your skill set and reduce the risks when implementing an AWS project.

Helps you build the business: Employers look for AWS certified employees as they help in building a business. It is one of the criteria for higher tier memberships of AWS Partner Network

Huge benefits:

Being a member of the AWS Partner Network helps you get training subsidies, AWS usage credit, market supported.

With the increase in demand for AWS skills in the past decade we can observe AWS is at its peak and the growth is definite in the coming years. With many companies turning to cloud the number of jobs AWS has created has grown immensely. Companies and employers will be looking for certified people and having a certification is an asset to your resume.

Are you an entry level (1-2 years of experience in cloud) candidate? If yes, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (associate) and Developer Associate exams will be the highly recommended for you.

You can go through my previous answers where I have shared the exam details and tips on how to prepare the exam. I am sharing the links here you can go through it.

What is the next exam that you can take? Once you pass the AWS Training you can start preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) and the AWS Certified Developer (Associate).

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