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What is cold storage and how does it all work?

What is cold storage and how does it all work?

Cold Storage Companies is one of those terms that is quite common. You will find that it is interchangeable with frozen storage, refrigerated storage, refrigerated storage, and cold rooms. It simply refers to storage which involves some type of refrigeration to maintain temperatures in a room. When you discuss your requirements, you can simply search for cold room providers, such as APF Cold Storage and Logistics, and then discuss the temperature zones you are looking for with them. Like all cold storage and refrigerated logistics companies do not offer all temperature zones.


The traditional temperature zones are:

  • Frozen (-18)
  • Cooler (0 to +5)
  • Ambient (+ 10-20)
  • Dry (no climate control in effect)

So when looking for cold storage, you will need to ask for the specific area you are looking for. In general, the colder you need to store your goods, the more expensive it is. This is due to the increase in energy costs and maintenance costs of factories. With frozen temperature zones, additional infrastructure is also required, such as underfloor heating.


So now that you know what temporary areas you need to apply for, here’s how it generally works for business. Cold storage is one of those things that you don’t realize you need as long as you desperately need it. Producers generally have some type of cold storage on their own premises, but due to an increase in production or an increase in the operating and maintenance costs of their own cold store, look elsewhere.

This is usually where APF Cold Storage and Logistics fits in. We are able to provide cost-effective storage, using our economies of scale to provide cold storage that you only pay for when you use it. Cold Storage operates as a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) provider, where we operate as if we were a logistics branch of your business. We provide documentation of all stocks received in storage, then provide a live report of what is in stock 24/7. We also provide documentation on shipping and deliveries that are automatically sent to you, the customer. This integration allows you to continue your activity while having peace of mind knowing that your stock is well maintained.


The customer must be involved at certain times in the configuration and management of Cold Storage. This is the key to ensuring the efficiency of your refrigerated logistics. During configuration. You will need to discuss with your supplier how your pallets will fit their cold storage shelving. Traditional cold rooms have shelf limits of 1.2 m, with a maximum load weight of 1000 kg, including the pallet and packaging. This must be taken into account when deciding on the number of cartons to put on the pallets when they are put in the store. If you are not sure how the pallets should be stacked for optimal storage, it is best to always ask. In this way, the Cold Store can ensure that your goods are well maintained, which is best for everyone.

Reception (stocking of goods). Always give notification of when the stock is to be stored. Refrigerated docks are always busy and cold storage products simply cannot stay in a refrigerated quay all day, as they must be stored in their correct temperature zones upon receipt. This means that if you are not scheduled to drop off goods, this can cause long waiting times. It costs you money, so it’s always a good idea to speak to the Cold Store about the appropriate times.

Dispatch (Load Out). As with the receipt of goods, notification is required. Then it is important to check with the recipient in the next step, whether it is the end customer or another cold storage warehouse on how they wish their products to be sent. Some require weight sheets per pallet; total weight per pallet; loading lists; or delivery label as well as many other options. It is best to check before sending stock, as this prevents you from being billed for not meeting the requirements of another user.

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