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Things to be done before Hair Transplantation

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Things to be done before Hair Transplantation

The decision to go under the knife for hair transplant is not as simple and requires careful research and planning. Many considerations must be taken into account before making your hair transplant plan a reality. Earlier, when people have little availability, they ignore hair loss and endure suffering. But thanks to research and development where all procedures improve and evolve. Since then, hair transplantation has also come a long way and the associated advanced techniques have paved the way for success in obtaining natural and permanent results. Nowadays, with a growing interest in personality grooming in professional life, hair loss has become a major concern and a burning problem. People raise several questions while considering an optional hair transplant. The most frequently asked and researched question includes:

What is the best time for hair transplantation?

Although simple, the answer to this question is not that simple! Obviously, one cannot decide overnight to do a hair transplant as a salon hair treatment. It is a very precise technique which requires an appropriate examination before confirming the patient’s application. There are several factors to consider confirming the best time to complete the procedure. These factors are excluded during the primary consultation by the hair transplant surgeon through a thorough medical history and an assessment of the scalp. Hair Skill has well reputable hair transplant surgeon who does not need an introduction as he is world famous for the best natural hair transplant results. His amazing surgical and artistic skills made him an honored hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. Despite his excellent surgical skills, his contribution to research and development, he was praised at several national and international conferences.

There are factors assessed during the consultation to confirm the best time for hair transplant, including:

  1. Baldness stage: Baldness and its extension are evaluated by the Norwood scale going from class I to VII according to the baldness zone. People often worried about hair loss refer to a doctor who could be just mature hair that does not require medical intervention. Therefore, they are not candidates for hair transplantation. In particular, the initial stages of hair loss, when it would not be fair to jump straight to the conclusion of the hair transplant, could be kept under observation for the progression of hair loss. In these cases, it is best to advise the medication and wait for the result. Based on the extent of the baldness, the application for a hair transplant is confirmed by the hair transplant surgeon.
  2. What is the right age for hair transplant: Hair loss was once considered a sign of ageing. The majority of the population uses it to notice hair loss beyond 40 years of age. But now, due to multiple contributing factors and the hanged lifestyle, young people are facing hair loss. Young people are more desperate to get a hair transplant and often consult at an early stage of baldness. Ideally, there is no set time for a hair transplant, but it is generally not recommended below the age of 21. This could be due to the fact that if hair loss occurs at this tender age, it is generally not stable and the rate and pattern of progression are unpredictable. Therefore, a surgeon should be very careful when deciding on hair transplant in younger patients in order to avoid more harm than good.
  3. Hair density and quality of the hair follicles at the donor site: experienced surgeons, generally with maximum coverage during the first session, have a forward-looking approach to preserve for the future. Ideally, the follicles that are already less in the bald patient should be judiciously extracted by thinking of future sessions in case of progressive hair loss and extensive bald area
  4. Expectations: Most of the time, patients think that a hair transplant is a miracle that can bring back all the lost follicles or could make the head full of hair, which is not the case. Hair transplantation is a restoration procedure that only displaces your hair follicle. So you have to have realistic expectations in the procedure. A surgeon should clearly state what can be expected from the result. Once the patient accepts reality, it is the right time for their hair transplant.

If you are looking for a hair loss solution, make an appointment with the Hair Skill for your questions as we will offer you the best possible way in the best interest of you.

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