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Do braces spoil your teeth?

Do braces spoil your teeth?

Honestly, we do not even imagine how this myth appeared, but such a question periodically arises. We answer: braces do not spoil your teeth. Between the place of fixation of braces and the surface of the teeth there are no voids, the material is tight and does not allow food particles to enter. Therefore, there is no risk of caries under braces.

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But around the braces food remains. But this problem is easily resolved by observing the rules of dental hygiene: brushing your teeth at least twice a day. In addition, once every 4 months it is advisable to undergo professional hygienic cleaning at the dentist.

  • Braces don’t spoil your teeth
  • Braces do not pose any additional risks to the teeth.

Is it really impossible to eat apples and nuts if you have braces installed?

Indeed, while you wear braces, eating very solid foods is not recommended. We’ll have to wait with nuts, seeds and crackers. Do not exclude apples and carrots from the diet, but do not bite whole vegetables and fruits! Cut them into small pieces.

Chewing gum, toffee and other toffee candies are also prohibited. It is very difficult to clean the system of adhered sweet mass.

Braces and solid food

  • Those who wear braces should not eat too hard foods: nuts, crackers, whole apples
  • The whole truth about first person braces!
  • Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment

Does facial expression change due to malocclusion?

Yes, unfortunately, this is so. The wrong bite gives the person an offended and displeased expression. In addition, many people, trying to hide the wrong bite or inconsistent teeth, excessively strain the muscles near the lips. Muscular overstrain leads to the early formation of facial wrinkles. An incorrect bite is dangerous not only with an unfriendly facial expression that greatly interferes with communication, but also with serious health problems. For example, respiratory failure, the development of chronic periodontal and gastrointestinal diseases, worsening of general well-being, headaches and neck pains. So the wrong bite is far from a harmless aesthetic violation, but a problem that needs to be quickly resolved with the help of a specialist – an orthodontist.

Do braces interfere with kisses?

Great question! We are pleased to announce that braces do not create any inconvenience when kissing (even if both lovers have the system installed). Therefore, kiss on health!

  • Braces do not interfere with normal life
  • Braces are not a hindrance

Can braces be placed if some chewing teeth are missing?

Modern orthodontics can solve this problem by installing implants. Crowns are placed on them and included in the system. You can use the technology of mini-implants, which act as a support for prostheses. This technology also allows you to solve the problem of installing braces with missing posterior (chewing) teeth.

How to prepare for the installation of braces?

Before installing braces, be sure to consult a dentist. He will conduct a thorough inspection and determine the necessary set of measures before installing braces. You may need to undergo professional cleaning to remove dental deposits. It may be necessary to cure tooth decay or deal with the problem of a lack of space in the row of teeth. If orthodontic tooth extraction or other types of manipulations are required , then the orthodontist dentist will determine this when drawing up a treatment plan. Only after “restoring order” in the mouth will it be possible to install braces.

Preparing to install braces

Before installing braces, a consultation with a dentist is mandatory

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