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Can braces be placed on only one jaw?

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Can braces be placed on only one jaw?

No. Braces are placed only on both jaws. Why? The teeth of the upper and lower jaw are in constant contact. If you put braces on only one jaw, then the contacts between the teeth of the upper and lower rows are broken, and it is impossible to check that the new position of both jaws is correct, with one bracket system. Our body is designed in such a way that it is always looking for an opportunity to ease its task. Therefore, the teeth will “seek” a position so that the masticatory load is minimal. And this means that the teeth on which the braces were installed will return to their previous, familiar position when they had contact with the teeth of the other jaw. As a result, after 6-8 months, the teeth will return to their original position in which they were before the installation of the bracket system.

Braces Installation

Braces are placed only on both jaws.

Do I need to constantly wear rubber bands for braces and do they interfere with eating and talking?

Elastic bands for braces, which in the medical language are called “intermaxillary elastic,” selects and sets your orthodontist. The main purpose of elastics is to help the tooth or dentition move in the right direction, so the number and characteristics of gum can be very different. The doctor determines the timing and treatment regimen: do you need to wear elastic permanently or do you have to wear them only at night. Elastics do not interfere with eating, talking and generally living. If you feel uncomfortable with everyday activities, be sure to tell your doctor. He will rearrange the elastic in such a way as to loosen the tension.

Intermaxillary elastic

The type, size and mode of wearing elastic is chosen by the orthodontist

Could there be a situation where braces did not help?

At Clinic, you get a 100% guarantee on the result of treatment. But orthodontic treatment is a collaboration between a doctor and a patient. It will be necessary to comply with all the recommendations of the doctor. You will need to regularly attend receptions, carefully monitor hygiene, and do a professional cleaning every three months. Any problems should be immediately reported to the doctor, without delay. If you follow all the instructions, then treatment with braces is guaranteed to give an effect.

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At what age is it too late to start treatment with braces?

Braces can be placed at any age. At 20, 40, 50 years, braces will help restore the beauty and health of the teeth. Of course, it’s better to do it early to get the result faster. But braces do not have age-related contraindications, so come for beauty and health at any age.

Woman in braces

Braces can be set at any age

  • I have already been / have been treated with braces. Why do I need a cap or retainer?
  • After treatment with braces, the ligamentous apparatus and the tissue surrounding the teeth may be in the process of reconstruction. If the tissues do not have time to completely rebuild, there is a risk that they will try to return to their original state. Therefore, to consolidate the result of treatment, an orthodontist can prescribe the wearing of a mouth guard or retainer.
  • Mouthguards are transparent plates that are worn on the teeth for night wear.
  • Retainers are thin wire structures that are attached to the inside of the teeth and are not removable.
  • Retainers absolutely do not interfere with normal, everyday life. But they perfectly record the result. Mouthguards and retainers prevent relapses.

Capa for night wear

  • Capa, like retainers, helps to consolidate the result of treatment with braces
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