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Cure all teeth before installing braces

Braces are a beauty and a healthy bite. Our potential patients, as a rule, have many questions about the installation of braces: how to prepare for the procedure, how is getting used to the braces and how long do they put? Let us trust the expert opinion of the doctors of the Clinic. Today they answer the most important questions about installing braces.

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Even the best friend does not know the whole truth about installing braces

Why is it necessary to cure all teeth before installing braces and what will happen if this is not done?

– A sick or problem tooth is always a source of infection. Neglecting treatment, you can provoke the development of a serious inflammatory process. If this happens, you will have to remove the braces, treat an inflamed tooth, wait for healing and start the correction again. Therefore, the health of the teeth before installing braces should be ideal. Our experts carefully check the condition of the teeth and the entire oral cavity. If problems are found, we will solve them and only then we will install the system.

Healthy teeth are the key to successful braces

Do I need to do professional brushing before installing braces and why was I forbidden to do this on the day of installation?

– Professional brushing removes plaque from enamel, as a result of which the contact of the system with the tooth surface becomes reliable. Simply put, after professional cleansing, braces hold better. We do not recommend cleaning on the day of installation, as the gums may bleed slightly, and this will complicate the installation of braces and worsen the result. We are personally responsible for the quality of work, therefore, we minimize all risk factors.

What do patients feel in the adaptation period, what do they feel while getting used to braces?

At first, there is a feeling of the presence of a foreign object in the mouth. A sensation of pressure on the teeth may occur, patients describe it as “pulling.” After 3-5 days, the discomfort disappears without a trace and no longer occurs. The presence of braces is not felt.

  • Your life will not change with the installation of braces
  • Braces do not interfere with eating, smiling and enjoying life
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  • Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment

How does an irrigator help care for your braces?

With the installation of braces, the teeth need more careful care. Pieces of food may not be accessible to the brush. And even a small, microscopic crumb can give life to a whole colony of bacteria. Therefore, an irrigator comes to the aid of the brush. Its principle of action is to clean the teeth and gums with a stream of water, which is supplied under pressure. Water easily penetrates into spaces inaccessible to the brush. Therefore, the irrigator perfectly complements hygiene procedures. It is important to remember that it does not replace a brush, but is included in the complex of oral hygiene and teeth.

How long do you need to wear braces?

The doctor decides this question individually for each patient. The average time for wearing braces is a year and a half. Alignment requires time not only for the process itself, but also for fixing the result. If it seems to you that the bite is already perfect, and the doctor prescribes a few more months of wearing the system, then this he does not out of natural harm, but for reliable fixing of the result. The dentofacial tissues must get used to the new position, remember it. Otherwise, they will try to return to their previous state. Make sure that wearing the system can be long if you want to get an excellent and stable result.

  • The timing of wearing braces is determined by the doctor

What determines the period of wearing braces?

From a whole set of factors:

Degrees of dentition

The more serious the defects, the more time is needed to eliminate them.

Crowding of teeth

Too tightly growing teeth sometimes require removal and subsequent healing. This increases the correction time.

Gum condition

The stronger and healthier they are, the easier and faster treatment will go.


The dentition of young patients is more responsive to treatment than adult bones. Let me remind you that there are no age restrictions for installing braces.

System selection

We carry out the selection of the system individually, taking into account the desires and needs of patients. Some of the braces shorten the correction time.

Can braces be placed on teeth with a removed nerve?

Teeth with a removed nerve are not a contraindication to installing braces. Feel free to come to us.

Is it true that posture is spoiled due to malocclusion?

An incorrect bite is the cause of the development of an imbalance load on the muscular frame of the lower jaw. Overstressed muscles try to compensate for their overload due to other muscle groups: neck, shoulders. The position of the head changes, the center of gravity shifts. As a result, the skeleton of the entire spine suffers. It can be compared with a chain reaction: an imbalance of the lower jaw provokes the malfunctioning of the entire muscle frame of the spine. Our body is a very sensitive and well-functioning system. A malocclusion of even a few microns may well lead to poor posture. The opposite is also true – correction of the bite will lead to the natural state of the muscles of the jaw, head, neck and back.

Where to put good braces and are there guarantees for the effectiveness of treatment?

The clinic employs unique specialists with many years of experience. Our doctors have completed more than 220 continuing education courses both in abroad.

Before installing braces, doctors carry out all the necessary procedures: dental treatment, professional brushing and all that is required. Bite correction covers 7 types of guarantees. Including the observance of the terms of treatment specified in the contract is guaranteed. If after the appointed time the result that you discussed with the doctor is not achieved, then you will be returned 100% of the cost.

The clinic has installments at 0%, so the procedure will not hit the family budget.

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