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CP12 Certificate Versus Gas Safety Certificate

Every landlord is responsible for the safety of the tenants who live in the building. It is the legal responsibility of the landlords to create a safe living environment for people. Every functioning building has a heating system, cooling system, gas and electrical appliances and it is the legal and moral duty of the landlord to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that it does not pose a safety risk. The way to ensure that everything runs in perfect condition is to have everything checked by registered gas engineers.

The gas safety certificate is also often referred to as the CP12 Certificate London. The certificate must be renewed annually, because it ensures that the gas connections and devices work properly.

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

The landlords are legally obliged to have all gas pipes, appliances, chimneys and smoke ducts checked every year. The check is essential because it ensures that the property can be rented safely. Skilled and experienced technicians are responsible for performing the check and once the check is complete, you will receive the certificate. The check may only be carried out by a gas safe technician. Always keep the old CP12 certificate for at least two years.

The gas appliances that the tenants bring are their responsibility and the landlord is only responsible for the pipelines connected to the appliance, but to be extra careful, you can include them in the annual check.

Find The Qualified Company:

Because you need a qualified technician who is a gas safe registered technician. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to look for a qualified engineer. You can find a good engineer by going to the Gas Safe Register, as this gives you a list of potential engineers that you can hire to have the devices and gas connections checked.

CP12 Certificate London

What Does The CP12 Certificate Include?

The inspections included in the inspection to get the gas safety certificate are:

  • The gas tightness of the devices is checked to ensure that there is no leakage.
  • Check the working gas pressure together with the standing gas pressure.
  • The burner / gas pressure is checked on the basis of the manufacturer’s nameplate.
  • All satisfactory provision of essential ventilation must be checked to ensure that they work perfectly.
  • Checking the smoke flow to ensure that the combustion products are removed
  • The functionality of safety devices is checked to ensure that they work correctly.
  • Checking the misuse of gas items and devices

The need for carbon monoxide detector:

It is essential for landlords to have a properly functioning carbon monoxide detector in an area where people live. You must ensure that you take care of the danger of carbon monoxide so that you cannot endanger the tenants. Every room with burning wood, gas fire, open fire or a stove requires a carbon monoxide detector.

Content Of The Gas Safety Report Of Landlords:

  1. Location and detailed description of each fuel check and device.
  2. All important information from the engineer conducting the inspection, such as name, signature and registration number.
  3. The date of the inspection.
  4. Address of the building where the flue or appliance is installed.
  5. Address and name or the lessor, or you can state the information of the agent of the lessor if you wish.
  6. If there are defects, they will be listed in the record, along with suggestions for remedying them.
  7. Confirmation of all results of the operational control dome on the devices.

The landlord’s gas safety certificates are only valid for twelve months and must be renewed every year.


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