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Home Decor Buying Guide

Are you frustrated with the look of your home, but not sure where to start?  We’ve been there and we understand.  Our Buy Home Decor Online guide includes some basic information and tips to help you along your way to a beautiful home.


Before you add to your Buy Home Decor Online sometimes it’s helpful to know what decor style you tend to lean toward.  Listed below are the most common styles of home decor and what identifies them.

Buy Home Decor Online


Color is what defines this style.  Fun and bold colors take center stage in furniture and accessories. This style is vibrant and fun. A great place to show off your wild side


This style is defined by balance.  The colors harmonize and welcome complimenting accessories such as throw pillows or area rug in the hues of the room.  Formal or casual, most rooms are done in this style.


Natural is the key to this style.  White washed woods, light colors, and elements from nature such as sea shells are staples to the cottage look.

French Country

Think toile, iron, and lace for this style. Shades of blue, red, and black are often present.  Usually formal, this look is associated with distressed finishes and antique-look accessories.

Eclectic-Did you find a little bit of each style in your room?  Then this is your style!  Anything goes, you can mix and match collors, patterns, and accessories.  The popular shabby chic touch fits into this style.

Evaluating the Space

Focal Point

Think of this as your starting point. Pick the feature of your room with the biggest impact like a painting, fireplace, or area rug.  From this one item, you will build the look and feel of your room.

Theme-Look at your focal point, what catches your eye?  Is it a certain color?  Does it look romantic?  Asian? Southwestern?  Now you have your theme.  Your theme can be antique, romance, country, or anything about your focal point that really stands out.

Clutter-Before you bring anything new into the room, are there things you need to take out?  No amount of decorating can take the place of organization.

Sum It All Up

Now take a good look at your room.  Is your theme carried through the entire room?  If not, plan on bringing in some accessories to make it complete.  No enough color?  Add some with new window decor or throw pillows. To much empty space?  Consider more furniture or Buy Home Decor Online in your style and theme to bring it all together.



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