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Checklist development of e-commerce websites

Checklist development of e-commerce websites + Cost Considerations

You cannot use any web site builder to develop a website e-commerce. There is something more than your average blog. In addition to the design you must deal with information architecture, complex web applications and secure payment processing. Not to mention a lot of additional functions such as payment processing and other complex shapes. You can keep costs down by using templates and pre-built SaaS websites, but if you need something geared to your specific needs, you should hire a developer. Before you jump and choose a design company ecommerce sites, you should learn the basics of the development of e-commerce. You have more knowledge and be better equipped to keep costs to your website.

Things to consider before designing a website ecommerce

Really you need to evaluate your needs before contacting a development company. The more precise your requirements are, the better the final product obtained.

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  • First mobile devices: this approach is exactly as it is designed for all mobile devices that exist (also not forget the great).
  • Depth product: how many products you plan to sell? 10, 50, 100? Its design and development needs will be completely different depending on your business model.
  • Page Type: An e-commerce site will have high converting landing pages, category, product, payment and well-designed blog.
  • Security website: websites, especially custom ecommerce stores are prone to security risks. To avoid future problems, you need a well-written software for your online store.
    Speed and performance: the fastest websites mean higher conversions. That’s why we control the content of your site and third-party applications is critical.
  • Product photography: images of products can create or break your e-commerce site. Try to get photos of the products before starting for your development company to design around.
  • Live chat integration: customers want instant answers to your questions. Make sure your design and development take this into account.

What’s the Role of an eCommerce Website Developer?

The role of a developer is really managing product: bring everything depends on them. They are responsible for integrating user interfaces in an easy code to use. They ensure that all work functions and scripts are added as Google Analytics. They also ensure that applications and third-party plugins are integrated. The best can manage application development. In addition to ensuring that all functions work with high performance, they also work in:

  • Updating server database such as MySQL
  • PHP coding
  • API to integrate other software, plug-ins or add-ons
  • Management front-end web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript and JS Framework
  • Test Drive / API testing experience
  • Create test plans
  • Organization ecommerce data and relationships
  • Management Deployment
  • Optimize configurations the web server
  • Scaling web applications
  • Create custom forms payment gateway integration
  • Maintain LAMP based servers using SSH, Webmin, and the like Plesk

What to Look for in a Qualified eCommerce Website Developer?

Web Design Skills

When building or redesigning an eCommerce store, a good web developer should be to pinpoint a website’s core basics derived, namely flow, layout, spacing, balance / proportion, color, and contrast. These should work harmoniously together to create a result that attracts and converts customers. Done right, you’d have an effective website Regardless if it’s too basic of a design.

Good Communication Skills

A web designer usually be the first person who helps a customer. When it comes to e-commerce project, it is essential that a designer is a good speaker and listener. The customer is likely to maintain a constant communication to establish what you really want for a website. The web development can go beyond technicalities deeper, so if the owner is not very technical, can be a challenge.

A successful web designer will ask critical to get all the necessary information from the customer. And if possible, assess your goals and take action in accordance with these objectives

Ecommerce Business Know-How

Develop information websites is totally different to build ecommerce stores. There are commercial decisions to be taken along the way. What is the preferred payment gateway of the client? Do you prefer to use credit cards or pay cash? What is your digital marketing strategy? Do you need to configure additional third-party applications? You know how to set up conversion optimization testing, which is essential for the growth of e-commerce business? A web developer can influence and help the business to be a success online. Therefore, they must have a thorough understanding of how e-commerce works. They should also suggest steps and development strategies as needed.

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