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AWS Solutions Architect Certification

AWS Solutions Architect Certification

About AWS

We’ve heard from our customers that AWS solutions skills are becoming more and more in demand, and we have some exciting news for anyone looking for AWS solutions architect certification. We launched a dedicated AWS Training and Certification Blog, with news and updates about our training, architect certifications, and student education programs for all skill levels.

AWS Solutions Architect Certification

AWS Training and Certification helps students and organizations develop skills to get the most out of AWS Solutions. Whether getting new ideas, sharpening cloud capabilities, learning about AWS services, or preparing for AWS Certification, the AWS Training and Certification blog is a central place to help students and organizations grow through AWS.

AWS Training

This is where we come in. starting with a small group of myself and others. Before I started at AWS, I had just spent a life-changing year teaching children. I had spent most of my adult life in training, but it was during this gap year that I knew I had found my calling in teaching the world. I jumped at the opportunity to create a training strategy to help individuals and organizations change the world through cloud technology. This work gives me strength every day – especially today, on my eighth day at AWS since we started this learning journey. Follow the below steps

  • Designing resilient architectures
  • Defining performance architectures
  • Specifying secure applications and architectures
  • Designing cost-optimized architectures
  • Defining operationally excellent architectures

What’s Next

Go to the blog to learn the understanding behind the scenes of how to build our AWS Training and Certification programs. You can learn how the organization started, how AWS solutions architect certification work with tertiary institutions, how we improve our AWS Certification exams, and hear more about one of our newest digital training courses.

We will continue to include practical content for solution designers here, but we also encourage you to check the AWS solutions architect certification Blog regularly for the latest, in-depth information on AWS Course resources.


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