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A Guide to Electrical Safety for Landlords

If you are a landlord in London, there are certain responsibilities and laws that you must follow to ensure that your tenants are safe, both during their stay and during their stay. Certain regulations are in force, such as electrical safety inspections and certificates that help regulate electrical safety in London.

As a lessor, you must take all necessary measures to prevent damage to persons within your property that may be caused by electrical appliances or fittings. Electrical certificate London is necessory for you home and business.

London landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical facilities within their property, such as power outlets and lighting fixtures, are safe for tenants to use at all times. But what steps can you take to do this?

What are the most important electrical hazards in your home?

The three most common and dangerous electrical hazards in a home are electrical shock, burns and fire. These hazards are usually caused by damage to electrical devices, switches, or other fittings.

These electrical hazards can be caused by a number of different scenarios, including poor maintenance of electrical equipment or devices, vandalism for electrical fittings and defective electrical equipment. There are steps you can take as a landlord to minimize the risk that these dangers occur within your property.

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Electrical safety inspections

To ensure that your property complies with IEE wiring regulations, an independent assessor can visit your property and inspect all electrical fixtures. If you want to make your property as safe as possible against electrical hazards, this inspection must include Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), which includes devices such as computers, microwaves, kettles, refrigerators, and other electrical equipment as safe for use.

After the inspection has been completed, the assessor must provide you with a written report describing the current state of all electrical fittings. If there are electrical fixtures that fall under the required standards, an electrical safety inspector, such as supplied byou Company , can advise on what repairs are needed before tenants can safely live or work in your home.

Electrical safety certificates

If all electrical fixtures have been declared safe by an independent assessor, you will receive an electrical safety certificate.

It is your responsibility as a lessor to organize an electrical safety expert to visit your property and inspect all electrical facilities to assess whether your property can be considered safe.

Without an electrical safety certificate you cannot legally allow tenants to live or work in your home. If you are a lessor or owner of multiple properties for which an electrical safety certificate is required, we will send an approved electrical safety expert to your property and provide you with an electrical safety certificate.

How often does your home need an electrical safety inspection?

Electrical installations and fittings may deteriorate over time, but it is your legal responsibility as a lessor to prevent hazards occurring in your property due to defective electrical equipment.

To do this, you must organize a periodic inspection of all electrical devices. Just like your first electrical inspection, this periodic inspection must be documented and state that your property is safe for tenants to live or work in.

If you own a home, the time between electrical inspections should never be longer than five years. If there is a change of rent at any time within these five years, you must have your property reassessed before you engage your new tenants.

 Do you need an assessment of electrical safety?

If you are a landlord who wants to know more about electrical safety or wants an electrician to come and visit your home, please contact our team via e-mail, telephone or the contact form below and we can help you immediately.

Whether you are a landlord with one property or you are a project developer that requires multiple safety assessments, we can offer a fast and reliable service.


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