When we talk about retail packaging, we are talking about the packaging we use to wrap different products. This is the form of packaging that is primarily aimed at increasing sales and ensuring that people choose their products from the retail display.

So how does the idea of   special retail packaging design work? Well, the main idea is that the product is sold. And to do that, the product needs to impress the customer. No one buys something that is not attractive to them in any way. Sales depend on the visual impact of the packaging, and to create that impact, manufacturers use Custom Retail Packaging.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time for you to start focusing on making your items stand out. Statistics show that holidays are the busiest time for retail stores. Sales increased by more than 60%. That’s billions of dollars in revenue globally. To take advantage of this shopping boom, you will have to make an effort.

That effort mainly depends on how you will pack and present your items. Although presentation is important every season and month, it becomes even more crucial during the Christmas sale. It will compete with many companies and it will be necessary to distinguish themselves from them to create an impact and increase their sales.

So to help you with that, we have provided you with some ideas to make sure your custom packaging is perfect.

packaging trends for the new year

This season’s overall image is a beautifully wrapped gift. So why not take that image and apply it to your packaging design and make your products look like a beautiful little gift to your customers?

Here is a list of  ideas you can use to make that impact

1. Minimalist packaging

Follow the techniques presented to you by people like Marie Kondo and make sure your items look simple and elegant. Minimalism has been a global fashion trend in recent years. From furniture to clothing, everyone seems to be looking for simple and functional designs. Therefore, it is a good idea to do the same. Colorful and eye-catching designs are going out of style, and people need something new. Wear black and white packaging and see how unique your items look.

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2. Metallic packaging

Another trend that has been happening recently has been the use of metallic textures and designs. The metal packaging is not only eye-catching and aesthetic, but also looks bold and elegant. The soft metallic feel and the glow of the boxes. What better way to present your articles in the most beautiful way possible? If you need ideas, you can see how Kylie Cosmetics has used this design effectively.

3. Use optimistic illustrations

Simple packaging time is going fast. And this holiday season, you can make sure your items look as eye-catching and attractive as possible. Use fun and quirky illustrations on your boxes and make your items stand out on the shelf. This trend is relatively new and you will have to use an illustrator to get the best images. A simple and memorable illustration like the Coca-Cola Polar Bear design is an excellent exampe.

4. Use green packaging

We all know that climate change is a big problem. And that’s why you must attract your customers by showing them that you care about the environment. Eco-friendly retail packaging is your best option to get attention, especially as companies push to reduce their carbon footprint.

5. Focus on your e-commerce packaging

After all, online shopping generates billions in revenue, and that trend will increase this holiday season. That is why you should focus on how your items will be shipped. People will not see how their products are packaged in an online store. Therefore, you should only use strong, durable boxes that will protect these items during shipping.

6. Use flexible packaging

The trend of using large boxes to pack everything is no longer popular. People prefer simple packages that are functional. The use of flexible bags and pouches will help customers. No one wants more overly complicated and recorded packages that are difficult to unwrap. You can choose functional boxes that are easy to transport and have a peel-off layer or something. Companies like Costco are using this design with great success.

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