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The Easy carry custom knife you need.

Just as man has evolved over time, so have our tools.Since the days of cavemen, tools have been an essential part of human survival.The knife is one of the most used tools and the most used by the man. The evolution of the knife was remarkable. From the chipped piece of obsidian from primitive man to the modern hardened stainless steel knives we have today,there is a knife for every job. However, the pocket knife can be at least the most useful and convenient knife shape available.

The pocket knives we know today are the result of many years of evolution. For centuries, knives are worn by a woman or a woman. It was for several reasons. Obviously, no one would want to stick a sharpened steel piece inside his pants with some protection. With the invention of the pocket, a common feature of modern trousers and technological advances in materials technology has emerged. The first folding pocket knives were made of iron with bone handles. They grow and grow quickly, and grow and grow. Today, pocketknives are made in many types of steel, the handles are made of bone, wood, plastic, aluminum or composite materials, as well as a multitude of locks and opening devices. assisted. The designs range from bright colors to camouflaged prints with black blades. There are different shapes and styles.

Regardless of your choice

Regardless of your choice of outdoor activities, the right pocket knife is an essential part of your tooling. What is the use of a fishing rod without knife to clean your catch. The same goes for a shotgun, a compound bow or a game trap. Backpackers, mountaineers and campers will all tell how their pocket knives helped them get out of tricky back country situations.Rescuers and military personnel also regularly carry pocket knives to participate in search and rescue operations. One of the most remarkable stories in recent history is that of a hiker from the hinterland of Utah canyons who used his pocket knife to amputate his own arm after being blocked by a rock dislodged for several days without hope of being saved. Whether it’s for first aid, convenience or just for dinner, there are few tools as essential outside as your pocket knife.

Choosing the right knife

Choosing the right knife to meet your needs is as important as having one with you. When choosing the right knife to carry, there are many things to consider. First, you need to determine which activity you will be participating in and what features will be important in a knife. If you are hiking, you may want to look for lightweight materials such as titanium that will keep your backpack light. If you go fishing, you may want a knife with a gut hook or a multi function tool with pliers. Just make sure the knife features are right for you. Then think about the materials that are best for you. There are many types of blade materials available and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you are whitewater rafting, you may want something that resists corrosion. Some materials are easier to sharpen but do not hold as long. There are many resources available that will help you determine which blade is best for you. The material of the handle is another important factor.Wood is a good aesthetic choice because it is beautiful and easily grabbed with a wet hand, but may not last as long as some of the composite materials available. There are also different styles of locking and assisted opening mechanisms. The key is to consider what you will use your pocket knife and choose your features accordingly.

Self-defense items for everyday life

We do not all have the luxury of years or decades of martial arts, military training or self-defense, in case we find ourselves in a position where we have to defend ourselves. The best thing to do is to learn a few key gestures and understand simple concepts to give yourself a chance to fight.

However, even after studying and practicing various self-defense techniques, you still can not trust your ability to defend yourself or your family. It does not matter, because there are alternatives to unarmed self-defense and hand-to-hand combat that you can use to increase your chances of surviving a deadly encounter. The best thing to do is to equalize the risks you carry with you.

Pocket Folding Knife

You need a quality knife; from $40 to $90 blade but a good quality liner lock style for maximum strength. Most people are not comfortable with carrying a full-tang blade knife, but it would be the optimum choice. Larger, full-tang can be used in your local area, so check local laws before buying a knife.

My personal everyday

My personal everyday carry knife is the “Custom folding knife by Damascus knives“from Colombia River Knife and Tool and is pictured below. CRKT makes great,durable, and reasonably priced knives, and no, I’m not getting paid to write that! I’ve had the same knife for over 10 years and it’s still going strong!That is the difference that a good quality knife will make.

A small neck knife that is full-tang and there when you need it is another option. The Custom Damascus Folding knives¬†from Damascus knives features a many blades. These are just two options; there are thousands to choose from. The “custom knife by Damascus” is roughly half the size of the ” 2.75 “blade and 7” when open; 4″when closed. Again, check with your local jurisdiction’s laws regarding limitations on carry knives.

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