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Striped women’s shirts – a total hit for the spring and summer season

The spring / Summer Fashion Season are officially open. The ladies are breath-taking to see the current trends of clothing brand for the season in real time and for real items on the showroom, not as before: on fashionable television channels, blogs or the media. One such item, categorically, is the strip of a strip. See what to pair with if you like this classic ladies blouse with so many variations on combinations:

With a red lady’s kurta

There is no more creative and fresh idea for spring than combining a classic lady’s dill top in black and white with a beautiful lady’s shirt in red. Put on a mussel cut to make it comfortable, or opt for a high-waisted lady’s shirt and tuck in your body if you want to attract glances to yourself.

With white pants

A total favorite this season, the combination is perfect for a business meeting, a beach meeting and even a meeting with relatives. In any case, your lady’s striped shirt is a distinct accent, but as a motif in the overall look, you can safely add some accessories like a solid jewel or hat.

With the bright bottom part

Here you have a little more options and the ability to choose and express your own imagination. You can bet on a long and ethereal lady’s shirt in green, but also on bright yellow women’s pants. In any case, do not miss the opportunity to improvise by combining ladies top with stripes on a women’s dress in white or black. Use the same combination in the opposite order if the dress is of the night type. It will sit perfectly on the top with a strip.

Right now, summer stripes are on our radar in a big way: Softer, less-saturated hues have an almost sun-faded quality and breezy fabrics like cotton have an undeniably relaxed feel (pass the espadrilles, please). Whether you’re in a multi-colored striped Kurta Online or a neutral pinstripe suit, you’ll feel ready for an ice-cream-on-the-boardwalk kind of day–even if you’re not actually headed to the lunch.

For spring summer 2019, customers made their purchases online and have taken the new look for themselves. The creative director explores and develops the brand to a whole new level and directs the drawings on vibrant and colorful collections. What people love the entire collection of brands is functionality. Some people are afraid of strong pattern or color blends. But most krosskulture designs collections are reversible. So you can buy an outfit and then get two looks or maybe more. The clothing is also of high quality and very comfortable to wear. Krosskulture believes they create pieces that will last and that people believe they will.

Bring your figure to highlight the beauty of your dark. Do not think twice and have a look on these dresses by visiting krosskulture.com.





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