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Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Rigid cardboard box and cardboard gift box

Print Cosmo Printed Box is a leading American manufacturer of custom rigid cardboard and gift cardboard boxes, supplying various custom rigid paper boxes, cardboard gift boxes, paper presentation boxes, UV printable paper boxes, embossing , embossing, hot stamping, coating and soft-touch lamination. They are widely used for packaging high-end products, such as cosmetics, jewelry, gifts and electronics.

The most common types of boxes include the rigid box with removable cover, the rigid box with hinged lid, the shoulder configuration box, the book style box, the rigid sliding box, the protective case, the rigid box folding and presentation box. In addition, DE Printed Box also provides customized rigid boxes to suit your packaging needs, such as round and oval rigid boxes.

In addition, you can have a custom rigid box with a thermoformed tray insert to keep your product safe inside.

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Rigid box with removable lid

Also known as a bezel box, a detachable lid box, the rigid box with a removable lid has a separate top cover completely or partially covering the bottom base. The top cover can be easily lifted off the base tray. The rigid shoulder box and the neck box are available in 2 types of special boxes.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Rigid box with hinged lid

For the hinged installation box, the covers and particle boards of the cover extend to form the base completely or partially. The book style box is a hinged lid box with an installation tray glued in a 3 or 4-panel binder. The shoulder box with hinged lid also belongs to the hinged box. There are also other common styles, such as the rigid flip box, the folding hard box and some popular presentation boxes.

Sliding rigid box and case

The rigid sliding box is called a matchbox style paper box. The cardboard consists of 2 parts: the cardboard sleeve and the drawer or the sliding paper drawer in the sleeve. In addition, it is called a drawer style box. While the cardboard box is a container or a protective box that has an open end so that the back is visible. Always, he has a cardboard drawer or a rigid tray to slide inside. Learn more about the rigid zipper box we designed for our client.

Foldable rigid box

Also known as foldable rigid boxes, the foldable rigid box is similar to the paper cut boxes, which are shipped flat. It can significantly reduce warehouse and sea freight charges. In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we produce the different custom rigid folding boxes according to the desired size and printing. Spot UV is mainly used to give the rigid box a high-end and luxurious appearance.

Rigid paper box for display

The rigid display box is a custom rigid paper box for display. This is usually a rigid paper box with removable cover. And the base has custom design for display purposes. Inside the base is an EVA foam insert with cutouts to hold the products inside. Learn more about this rigid display paper box.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Rigid presentation boxes

One of the important uses of the rigid paper box is for presentation purposes. The paper presentation box is usually pretty and attractive with fine details for crafts, paper materials, printing and finishing. Shanghai DE Printed Box manufactures the various customized paper presentation boxes according to customer needs.

Inserts inside the rigid box

Inserts such as EVA foam, molded paper stock, a thermoformed tray, also called a blister, are placed inside the rigid installation box to contain and protect the product. Sometimes cardboard inserts are wrapped in textiles such as velvet, satin and linen to provide a luxurious and unique packaging experience.

For the EVA foam insert of the rigid box, the most common colors are black and creamy white.

Below, a rigid watch box with the foam insert inside. The foam insert consists of 2 layers, a 13 mm EVA foam to hold the watch and its strap, and a 1 mm thick cream-white EVA sheet with the circular hole. On the top of the EVA foam insert is a thick, covered cardboard.

Packing and shipping

Because rigid paper boxes are easy to dirty and scratch, workers are required to wear gloves during production to prevent smudging. In the meantime, each box of stiff paper is placed in a clear cellophane bag to keep it clean and tidy. With respect to shipping, rigid paper boxes are usually shipped assembled, unlike flat shipping of corrugated boxes and printed paper boxes. Due to the large volume of gift wrapped gift boxes as such, ocean freight is generally a bit higher.

Printing and finishing

Offset printing in CMYK and Pantone colors is used for the rigid paper box and the cardboard gift box. At our premises, we have the powerful Heidelberg and ManRoland printing presses to reproduce the finest images and colors on the packaging media.

To add quality and luxury feel to the rigid box, matte lamination, embossing, hot stamping and anti-UV treatment are available in DE Printed Box to help our customers increase brand awareness.

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