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Main characteristics

The program is used to check retaining walls made from prefabricated blocks (block walls).

Verification analysis according to EN 1997-1, the LRFD method or classical approaches (limit states, safety factors)

EN 1997 – Possibility of choosing partial coefficients based on national annexes

EN 1997 – Ability to choose design methods, depending on design situations

Analysis of internal stability (overturning, sliding, bearing capacity of foundation soil)

Analysis according to limit states or safety factors

Ability to define a specific block size

Editing any geological profile

Integrated database of soil parameters

Free number of overloads applied to structures (bands, trapezoidal, concentrated loads)

Free number of inserted forces (anchors, rails, etc.)

Modeling of water at the front and rear of structures, modeling of artesian water

Any shape of the ground behind the structure

Berms in front of the structure

Various types of pressure at the front of the structure (geostatic, passive, reduced passive)

Possibility of considering the minimum dimensioning pressure

Calculation of land pressure in actual and total stresses

Taking into account the earthquake (Monotone-Okabe, Arrange, Chinese standards)

Reinforcement of soil by geogrid

Multiple stages of construction

Training materials

Engineering Manuals

Using standards and analysis settings

Importing data in txt format


BIM export in GEO5 software

Contextual help online

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