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How to dress up in the office: Office modish in hot summer days

The more the temperature increases in the thermometers, the more we tend to disclose, to let the air cool our hot skin. But if you go on holiday or ride in the park, you can do it without problems, but if you work in an office, office wear must inspire professionalism and seriousness. Even if you do not work in an office where you need to take your deux piece and shirt every day, but in a more light and creative environment that does not mean that summer office wear can be made of rough clothing.

The basic principle in choosing an office in the warm season is quite simple: we give up the thick and warm cloths and bring out cool materials such as lawn, silk and organic cotton by brand online shopping. We choose the same elegant designs for clothing, but made of materials that allow air to circulate through clothing, allow the skin to breathe and keep cool.

What are the best tricks to dress elegantly at the office during the summer when outdoors degrees jump? We tell you secrets in choosing a summer office, right away:

Choose light, lighter fabrics

As said before, the first rule to keep in mind when you buy office summer clothes is choosing a material that lets the air travel more easily. The materials most suited for the heat because they are light, fluid and leave the skin to breathe are especially those of natural fibers, such as lawn, silk, hemp or organic cotton.

Select for light cuts

Dresses and shirts should be the first choice when talking about desk office wear in the summer. The choice of straight shirts for formal and vapor-proof dresses for creative jobs, as well as the selection of lightweight, silk, cotton, denim or lawn dresses is recommended on hot summer days. Kurta’s and sleeveless dresses look decent in the office if you go straight, without a décolletage or overly molded.

Choose open colors

Whether you work in an air-conditioned office, summer office clothes should be chosen in shades of openness for two reasons: because from home to work you will inevitably go outside and it is known that dark shades attract the sun’s rays, with all the more at lunchtime if you have a meeting outside the office but also because the bright, joyful nuances will convey to you a state of well-being which, why not recognize it, will help you face the discomfort more easily thermal. In addition, we think the flax, silk and veil look better in pastel shades like yellow, pink, and lilac or blue.

But avoid using neon colors or bold prints if you work in professional protocols such as finance, banking, or the legal system, and new fashion trends tend to squeeze them into a discreet note with accessories.

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