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Effective systems of precast concrete retaining walls and options that work in your favor

Save time and money on your next fill project using Ittefaq’s Structural Wall Systems. These long-proven, precast concrete retaining wall systems have alternate layers of soil fillers filled with backfill to create extremely stable structures of “mechanically stabilized soil”. Ittefaq’s prefabricated concrete retaining walls install very quickly and require only minimal equipment and labor. They easily adapt to curves, angles and unevenness and tolerate extreme loads in retaining walls, bridge abutments, level separations, headwalls and wing walls.

Precast concrete panel walls – a range of possibilities

Ittefaq’s Wall prefabricated concrete retaining walls are available in a variety of textures, colors and types of concrete. Ittefaq’s Technical Sales Representative can also help you customize the colors, textures, shapes, dimensions and performance of your architectural retaining walls. See our brochure below for more information.


Grid-Strip, the versatile soil reinforcement system

Ittefaq’s Wall precast concrete panel walls utilize our innovative Grid-Strip Reinforcement System to stabilize the soil mass behind precast concrete retaining walls. Grid-Strip facilitates on-site design and storage – resulting in a significant reduction in project costs. Check out our brochure or watch our video to learn more about this innovation in TSM wall construction.

Can be modified to receive mounted structures

Ittefaq’s Wall precast concrete retaining walls are easily configured to accommodate mounted structures such as AIL noise barriers, fence systems and other forms of barriers.we also offer Tayar Chatain

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