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Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Work?


Blood therapy, anyone? Plasma injections (PRP) that are rich in platelets make disturbed cells mixed in a concentrated mixture made from your own blood. We hope this stimulates healing when it otherwise fails – especially stubborn injuries, slow-movement – but no one knows for sure yet.

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Although I don’t know, it is easy to pay someone to do this for you this day: remove some of your blood, turn it into a centrifuge to get the platelets, and then pump them back into. It is not cheap, but PRP injections are particularly popular, with elite athletes. It cools perfectly for injuries like palphysical pain, juice-arthritis is very common of the runner-up knee, 2 or band syndrome IT, another common knee type – a huge potential market, in other words. Falling in 2009, criticized PRP marketing.

With no clear evidence of interest beyond, PRP is now being marketed thoroughly as a remedy for all sports injuries. And at about $ 300 per injection, there is a lot of money to be done. A nationwide marketing initiative has begun, using sports celebrities.

At that time, the problem was that marketing was irresponsible given the lack of evidence. It was short to wait for more. Today, marketing is irresponsible in the light of the evidence we now have

Relationship with stem cell therapy

Stem cells are generic cells that do not have a job yet. In theory, they can be the things we need, which is a powerful tool in medicine. Gas cell therapy is a broad concept in regenerative medicine and is now a hot topic.

There are identical cell therapy in spirits with the other two main regenerative therapy in musculoskeletal medicine and pain: plasma rich in platelets and implantation of autologous chondrocyte. However, PRP or ACI are not stem cell therapy – they use mature, specialized cells, so they are only cell therapies.

But the regeneration of all these methods is the regeneration, and the stem cell therapy theme overlaps with PRP and ACI that they are almost identical to safety, efficacy, and consumer concerns and suspicious regulators. They are interesting biological treatments that may be something – after all, we know that regeneration is possible. – but it is a mess that has been affected so far, rather than being exciting and promising. All these treatments are being pushed on the market in the same way, all being sold as a high-tech consumer medicine that is desperately long before science.

Why platelets?

Platelets are the major coagulation tool in your blood and are curious criteria, not cells or molecules, but are often called a hybrid called “cell fragments”: blood cells have platelets and log chips. If the chips were extremely smart. Platelets have basic features of interesting biological features, but they are best known for their coagulation work – and it is the thing that gives them the most peace of mind.

There are a number of biochemical factors that control healing – it is complicated, to say the least. Platelets are part of this equation, playing “a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration”; specifically “they regulate basic mechanisms associated with the healing process including cellular migration, proliferation, and angiogenesis.” Because they are healing, more of them need to be good, right?

In fact, PRP is often called “regenerative medicine,” because the idea is that healing is truly accelerated happy science fiction. But it’s more marketing than biology, surprising.  You are likely to talk to people to drink dustbites if you told them it would “revive them”.

But it is not safe to assume that platelet soup is regenerative. In fact, it’s not even safe to assume it’s safe…


It may not be harmless to inject muscles into muscles. (No one is surprised, right? Well!) Anesthetics and NSAIDs are probably a little toxic – poisonous to muscles – and there is “conflicting evidence” under PRP.

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