we offers you the best options and has designed customized printed candle boxes for your product, i.e. candles. Candles are an essential thing used in various ways that simplify our lives, so you need excellent coverage, provided by our company. You can even gift or present your friends’ favorite candles in an attractive way that will increase happiness and their love for it because the shiny, colorful and designed personalized candle boxes make the product more presentable and delicate in the category of custom retail boxes . the designed boxes can speak of the degree of the brand from which it was purchased. Custom candle boxes are used in a wide range of industries. They can make a big difference. Whether you are looking for boxes for personal or corporate use, Claws Custom Boxes is available with many different options. You don’t have to worry about the designs because we will create the boxes of candles according to your tastes and dislikes so that you feel mentally comfortable with the work and have no doubts. We offer several options to help you make choices. The options that we put at your disposal are Coatings, Printing techniques, Foiling, Embossing, Debossing and Spot UV. The above points would help our customers make the best candle box for their loved ones, and companies could also purchase our 2 candle boxes for candle packaging. In this way, companies can sell candles in large quantities. This would obviously increase customers’ profits and preferences for bulk purchase of candle boxes rather than for a single purchase.

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Adorable customizations that increase your sales:

Printcosmo is here to make sure your production is the best. We do a lot of everything to ensure the safety of your boxes. The customizations we offer are absolutely compelling and innovative. You can use them to make sure your candles are the best selling on the market. The coatings we offer are glossy and matte. The glossy coating covers the entire box with bright and glamorous colors. In addition, it shines in the light and attracts more customers. Otherwise, the matte coating is slightly different from the glossy coating in terms of coverage. It covers the box in bright and subtle shades. Both coatings are completely unique and pleasing to the eye. In addition, printing helps increase the liveliness and brilliance of your boxes. In addition, photographs, animations, drawings, stickers, logos and many more can be printed. It is always useful to use printing methods. The printing techniques available here are digital and offset printing. Offset printing is a somewhat expensive method as it uses high quality rollers. These rollers distribute the ink evenly over each part of the box. In addition, the cost can be saved by printing all the boxes simultaneously. Therefore, it saves more ink and more money. However, the digital printing method is convenient for basic print jobs.

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Advertise your brand with the help of add-ons:

In addition, Printcosmo also offers several add-ons. Each add-on plays a role in saving some of your money. These add-ons are intended to replace advertising methods. Add-ons such as embossing and debossing are the logo enhancement methods. They consequently increase the visibility of your logos or titles. Embossing offers engraved and carved logos, while debossing offers imprinted and thinner logos, but we also offer Spot UV. This method is a substitute for coatings. Spot UV makes the inner corners of the boxes shiny and glamorous. The rest of the box is opaque and does not shine in the light. You can sue any add-on you like. In addition, you can also select any window addition to improve the visibility of the candles. Candles will look mesmerizing when they can be seen. To make sure the candles are visible, we use die cutting. Die cutting is the best solution to meet market expectations. It can also be replaced by a PVC window. The significant difference between both is that after putting a sheet of PVC on your box, you will involve more customers in the purchase. As a result, when there is no window, the candles are easily touched. Therefore, you can choose the type of add-on required on the candle boxes.

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