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Your Guide to Portable Air Conditioners

Air conditioner On Installments in Lahore

Summer is getting warmer, and if you’re like me, going home to a mild sauna is not on your wishlist. The flexibility and convenience of a portable air conditioner could be just what you need for cool comfort.

Air conditioner On Installments in Lahore
Air conditioner On Installments in Lahore

Portable air conditioners come in different sizes to suit different scenarios and cooling needs, so there is one option available to everyone. But with so many conflicting reviews available online, we have clarified the confusion and analyzed the main points for you below.

Are portable air cons any good? 

Instead of being a large amount of hot air, they are actually an excellent option for your practical cooling comfort.

  • They are mobile and can be moved from one room to another, making it convenient and flexible to use throughout the house.
  • Installation is easy and does not require a professional. You only need a window or a sealed escape point and a little free time.
  • If you are renting, can not install a more permanent unit or want to take your cooling with you, a portable air conditioner is an ideal cooling alternative.
  • Portability makes it effective as a one-room cooling option, especially in smaller spaces such as offices and family rooms.
  • A portable CA often offers many useful features to increase your comfort and reduce energy usage, such as programmable timers.
  • Many portable units double as dehumidifiers and reduce humidity in your home, so there is less chance of allergens and mold developing.

How they work

A portable air conditioner works by extracting hot air from your room, removing and expelling heat (and humidity, if it has a dehumidifying function), and filling your room with cooler, drier air. Its built-in thermostat ensures that the temperature set in your room is maintained constantly.

Due to its more compact size and unidirectional airflow, a portable air conditioner works more efficiently in your immediate area. Your family room or bedroom, for example, is the ideal size for a portable air conditioner. You will need a standard powerpoint nearby, a window or exhaust to vent, and you will be ready to start.

Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented?

Yes. Like other air conditioners, a portable unit needs to release the warm and suffocating heat and humidity of your home in some way. Ventilation of the window is generally the most common and convenient method of ventilation, but a portable air conditioner can also be ventilated through a roof exhaust, a sliding door or a wall exhaust.

If you can not ventilate, we recommend buying a portable fan

How do I install a portable air conditioner?

The portable units are installed simply by connecting the exhaust hose to the air conditioner and fixing the other end to your window or other escape point. Each portable unit comes packaged with its own ventilation kit and the basic tools necessary for installation.

Because it requires an escape, the portable unit can go as far as the flexible exhaust hose allows, which is generally about 2-3 m in length (more than enough in many cases)

Note that the standard window kits provided are not specifically suited to the crank or frame windows, as they open outward or inward instead of up or down. However, you can find simple DIY installation solutions online.

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