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What is AWS Training (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services with its abbreviated acronym AWS, is a very popular and complete cloud platform due to its multiple services it offers. Many companies grow at a fleeting speed and this leads us to respond with the operation of their infrastructures, increasing their productivity and reducing costs.

According to the rating shown by our dear trusted Amazon as a Strong Vendor, AWS has been the pioneer in the transformation of IT as a cloud platform provider, in English Cloud Computing , and has been a strategic ally providing agility and reliability to its customers by improving productivity in its processes in the technology area.

What is Amazon Web Services for?

Amazon web services provides us with a huge amount of services to be able to solve different variables that we have in an IT infrastructure, these variables can be from cloud storage, instance management, web hosting to mobile application development, and this only naming some of them.

AWS guarantees us a more secure and reliable platform, so much so that an IT architect can find with Amazon all the necessary resources to assemble its complete, secure and fault-tolerant architecture. Everything a company needs to compete in the market.

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Benefits of Amazon Web Services

A super-benefit that Amazon can provide us with having it as an ally is that it guarantees us to focus only on what we should do , that is, for a software development company the main focus is developing software . Usually the headache was or is to maintain a stable infrastructure and platform, dedicating enough staff and time to keep the systems aligned and satisfactorily serving deployments, monitoring, a variety of things.

Unfortunately today, there are still companies that have their ‘spaghetti’ type platform, where only they understand it and know how it works. With Amazon this is over, the dependence on the ‘who’ configured or implemented a certain infrastructure is over, with a cloud provider like AWS the systems management area is dedicated to managing technology resources more optimally and easily , providing stability of almost 99.9% on their platforms, in their services or storage.

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